Chain Punishment is an unorthodox burn deck that makes heavy use of the back row using cards such as Chain Energy and Skull Invitation in order to essentially punish the player's opponent for even playing the game, while using indestructible monsters such as Marshmallon and Spirit Reaper to survive a monster based match. Several variations have been seen using Maiden With Eyes of Blue in order to gain field presence and speed up the clock.

Basic Strategy and Cards UsedEdit

As stated, Chain Punishment abuses the effects of cards such as the namesake, Chain Energy, and Skull Invitation as a win condition. Combined with other cards such as Coffin Seller, Dark Room of Nightmares, and Nightmare Wheel, this deck quickly becomes an unfavourable matchup for any deck that cannot swiftly deal with backrow cards. Below is a list of cards commonly used in Chain Punishment decks.

  • Chain Energy
  • Skull Invitation
  • Coffin Seller
  • Dark Room of Nightmares
  • Nightmare Wheel
  • Marshmallon
  • Spirit Reaper
  • Arcana Force 0 - The Fool
  • Gelluendo
  • Maiden with Eyes of Blue
  • Dark Snake Syndrome
  • Raigeki
  • Dark Bribe
  • Pot of Duality


Generally, Chain Punishment has a favorable matchup against decks that don't run many interaction cards, as well as any graveyard based decks, such as Lightsworn and Burning Abyss, especially with Skull Invitation and Coffin Seller in play. 

However, on the other end of the spectrum, Chain Punishment struggles to succeed against certain types of control decks, especially those with heavy backrow removal. Decks that run efficient monster removal, such as HAT and Tellarknights, also provide for poor matchups.

Matchups: (This list will be updated as time passes.)


  • Burning Abyss
  • Cemetery Bomb
  • Lightsworn
  • Blue-Eyes
  • Red-Eyes
  • Greydles
  • Exodia
  • Any form of beatdown


  • Tellarknights
  • HAT
  • Artifacts
  • Spellcasters
  • Ghostrick
  • Hieratics
  • Tzol'kin
  • Mill
  • Any deck that runs backrow removal